C-Suite TV - "Help My Business!" with Andrew Lock

One of the most fundamental things small business owners often get wrong with their marketing, is they talk too much about themselves. You can understand why, because THEY ARE the most important person in their lives, but strangers don't see it that way! This principle of focusing externally on the customer rather than on yourself or your business is SO important! Also, in this episode, the big marketing lesson comes from Houdini's magic shop, which now has a bunch of locations around Las Vegas. Houdini's sells an assortment of jokes/gags, and simple magic tricks, and it's very popular with tourists. But what I want to focus on here is the name of the business. Houdini's obviously took it's name from the famous magician Harry Houdini, the Hungarian born magician who became notorious for his incredible feats of escape in the early 1900s. The magic shops in Vegas have no connection to Harry Houdini, but by using his name Houdini, they get instant credibility, and association with a well-known celebrity. The big secret here is that it costs them nothing to get this benefit. Why? Because Houdini passed away such a long time ago that his name and likeness can be freely used by anyone now. So that raises the question, how can YOU use the power of celebrity in YOUR marketing?