Executive Perspectives Live: Houman Motaharin

Houman Motaharian, President of LendingPoint, sat down with host Jeffrey Hayzlett to talk about the reasons point of sale financing is on the rise and why his company wants to end the culture of "no" by saying "yes" to more customers. Motaharian also spoke about the direct-to-consumer loan industry and the company's vision which is "to create money on-demand". Looking at the year ahead, Motaharian says that "It's all about technology at the end of the day" with technology moving at a great speed, changing the way people act and behave. He also wants to change the culture of "no" to one where people learn how to say "yes" to one another. He says that "if people learned how to say 'yes' to each other, the GDP would go to 45 percent." Motaharian says it's all about people and collaboration, to be in a place where people believe in the mission and feel like they contribute to something great.