Technology and Connection

This week, find out how technology and our partnership with Cox Communications helped one drama class in Henderson, Nevada to connect by turning their canceled school play into an original animated film called Drawn Closer. Candy Wilder the middle school drama teacher of Thurman white middle school of the performing arts and eighth grader Ava Batencourt, star of Drawn Closer, are my guests. Jonathan Hill used the role playing game Dungeons and Dragons his entire life as an escape from the challenge of his chronic health conditions severe hemophilia A and he's now channeled his creative energy into writing a new graphic novel called Blood of the Paladin, which details his journey of accepting, managing, and embracing his bleeding disorder. He's joined by his dear friend patient advocate and the former president of the National Hemophilia Foundation Val Bias. Who has information about the challenges that people living with the condition face. Are you looking for some meaningful ways to show mom that she's the real MVP this mother's day? Well joining me with some unique fragrance and experienced parents to honor mom for all she's done this year, beauty and lifestyle expert, Carmen Ordonez lifestyle. In travel, Correspondent, Amy Goodwin has local travel trends and tips to help you plan a safe and happy road trip for the family and from black Beard's ranch in Southwest Florida to talk about beef from the ranch to the table, rancher Jim Strickland and Chef Hugh Acheson. Original Air Date: May 9, 2021